A little 'make' - Gav's drums

It’s been a while since I’ve done any circuit bending work, so I decided to refresh myself by doing a bit of work on this toddlers’ drum machine thing. It’s actually called “Pop Tunes Big Rocker Drums” by Little Tikes, and I picked it up at a jumble sale for about 20p. All I’ve done is add an audio out jack and a pitch bend knob – nothing crazy. I wanted to add an LDR to the pitch bend, so you could switch to that and go crazy with light, but I couldn’t find my stash of them in the time I had available.

On the inside, there wasn’t much to bend, and it all depended on a tiny surface-mounted resistor. Annoyingly, when I removed this I also managed to remove one of the pads it was soldered onto, so I had to carefully scrape the solder mask away in the 2mm between the missing pad and the epoxy blob and solder onto the trace. This is protected now with a healthy glob of hot glue! For the wiring I used my current favourite for fine-pitch work – the individual strands of wire inside a SATA cable. If you ever need to solder to tiny pads, I recommend them!

I did this to give to the legend that is Gav Davies on his last day working at Box UK, knowing that he’d appreciate being able to make stinking horrible sound to squelch through effects boxes. LOVE YOU GAV MAYTE!