Dammit, I need to blog more!


I struggle with blogging. With all personal websitery, to be honest. I used to be quite geared up – and then I ended up doing web development for a living, and I feel like I have something I need to prove… but no time to prove it, so I let it slide.

For the time being, this is self-hosted WordPress. No idea what it will be next time I get it together and post anything. Having fallen in love with Node – read about it here – I’d like to use something like Ghost, but image uploading and things are an issue (or at least were last time I looked). I’ve got a theme I don’t totally hate here, but (despite being handy enough with CSS and everything) not one made by me because I have no time to make something to prove myself with. I could create one but I’m still not 100% on WordPress, and in my limited amount of free time I’d rather be doing hardware hacking, or coding around hardware hacks.

I guess the question is where I place the importance in this site. Is the purpose of it the content, or how it functions? Do I want to sell myself as a web bod, or as a hacker? I describe myself as a hacker quite often (I did it in the previous paragraph after all) and it’s rather descriptive of my methodology – I learn and build by tearing things apart and putting them together again in different ways, both in hardware and software. But then I also turn out some really neat code that I am proud to put my name against for clients as well. Which is the ‘real’ me?