Cheapest new laptop ever

Still need to finish writing up my pedestrian crossing project. Of course, to do that, I need to finish it ;)

Anyway, today my new laptop arrived. It replaces the one I’ve been using for development for about three years, which is an 8 year old Dell. Its screen is getting more and more knackered, the battery life down to 40 minutes from full to empty and it weighs a frigging tonne. Running Ubuntu it’s not too bad though, which is why I’ve continued using it for so long – back in 2006 when it was bought it was a top-of-the-range business one so it was engineered to last.

For ages I’d been promising myself that I’d replace it with a nice new Macbook Air. I’d specced one up, worked out how I could possibly afford it, and thought that would be that. Until yesterday, that would’ve been what had happened. However, yesterday Steff at work mentioned this deal on HotUKDeals – a new Dell laptop for £166.47.


I could get a new laptop with enough poke to do what I need it for at the same price as approximately one month’s payment for a Macbook Air on credit. So I bought it. 20 hours later, it was delivered.

And it’s not bad!

It’s plasticky and looks crap compared to an Apple product, but it has a pretty good keyboard (with number pad) and its performance with Windows 8.1 is fine, so I’m hopeful that it will be better with Ubuntu when I try it (and hopefully the power/sound/wireless will work under Linux). Part of me is considering keeping Windows 8.1, but fortunately the rest of me is saying ditch it for some Linux goodness.