It's time for a change

Back in the day, I had a blog powered by Blogger. It was set up to FTP changes to my web host, and it was good adequate.

Then I messed about with Drupal for a while, and it was good confusing as hell.

I briefly used Google Sites, and it was good ugly as hell.

I had a go at using Tumblr, and it was good limited.

Most recently, I used Wordpress, and it was good overly complicated and required more maintenance than I am prepared to provide. It's been 502-ing for a couple of months (not that anybody has noticed); a reboot brings it back up for a few days and then it goes down again. I don't have the time to mess around with it, so it has been neglected.

I've dabbled with static site generators, like Jekyll, and they are good. No strikethrough. However, they (typically) rely on having access to a shell somewhere, and as happy as I am in a terminal, I can't always be bothered, frankly.

I've also looked at hosted solutions, like those from Squarespace and Weebly (as well as hosted Wordpress). Not happy with the themes or the prices or the compromises or lack of access to the underlying file structure - or combinations of the above.

So now I'm on Ghost! Ghost appealed to me from the moment I heard of it, because it's running on Node.js, which I like a lot. The default theme is nice, which is good (because of the lack of time - plus I'm lazy), and I'm happy with a bunch of the underlying tech. Working in Markdown is pleasing too.

I guess now it's time to export the existing posts on my Wordpress blog (in the brief moments it runs before something I've not had the time to look at causes it to crash) and turn off that Digital Ocean droplet.