Moving servers plus HTTPS

For some time now I've been running my blog on a Digital Ocean VM. It's been a good run. However, I've decided to try something else.

A couple of months ago I became aware of Scaleway. They provide teeny tiny ARM-based servers - dedicated servers - for what I can only describe as "pocket money prices". Seriously - 2GB RAM, 50GB SSD, quad-core CPU, unlimited data transfer comes in at a heady €2.99 a month. There's extras to pay - VAT, obviously, and an extra euro for external IP addresses (you could have a cluster of these servers behind a single public IP address), but it's still laughably cheap and these servers are remarkably capable.
Scaleway C1 server They're also SO CUTE!

Right now this is lurking on a subdomain, while I take care of the migration. This gives me a chance to try out Let's Encrypt, so I've got this being served over HTTPS. Sometime I'll type up everything I did to set this up, but for now this document is incredibly useful.