I've binned Twitter

A short post about ditching Twitter, by the wordsmith formerly known as @irregularshed.

Bins, dumpsters, whatever you want to call 'em.
Courtesy of David Libeert

I couldn't take any more of Twitter. Elon killed everything good about it. So, after a very, very long time of being @irregularshed, I've killed off the account.

I have other social media accounts. I use Instagram more than anything else; off the side of Instagram I've got a Threads account which I sometimes look at, a Bluesky one that I look at less often, and a Mastodon account that is just sort of there. But Twitter's gone. I miss it, but Elon made it more toxic than a Sellafield cooling pond, and after witnessing a far-right blue tick pile-on of someone I had to call it quits.